BJO&PM (Brazilian Jounal of Operations & Production Management): New Issue Published (MARCH/2018)

The Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management (BJO&PM), ISSN: 2237-8960, is an international and open-access journal that providing a platform for publishing innovative and research articles. As an open access journal, articles in BJO&PM will always be freely available online and readily accessible. This means that your work will be recognized and can be searched in Google Scholar. The journal is dedicated towards dissemination of knowledge related to the advancement in scientific research. The prestigious interdisciplinary editorial board reflects the diversity of subjects covered in this journal. BJO&PM is a multidisciplinary seeks to promote and disseminate the knowledge by publishing original research findings, review articles and short communications in the broad field of Engineering. The BJO&PM welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Papers will be published approximately after acceptance. All articles published in BJO&PM will be peer-reviewed.
We publishes forefront articles related to Applied Research on Management, covering all aspects of operation and production for those interested on management, either in Academic or Industrial sectors. The journal is associated with the Brazilian Association for Industrial Engineering (ABEPRO). Only articles in English are considered for submission and publication.
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Table of Contents (VOL 15, NO 1)
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Taciana de Barros Jerônimo, Fagner José Coutinho de Melo, Joás Tomaz de Aquino, André Philippi Gonzaga de Albuquerque, Denise Dumke de Medeiros
Luciana Lima Guilherme, Raquel Viana Gondim
Priscilla Cristina Cabral Ribeiro, Mário Otávio Batalha, Katherine M. Chudoba, Deevon Bailey, Annibal Jose Scavarda
Claudio Alcides Jacoski, Lissandro Machado Hoffmeister
Alice Itani, Fernando Rei
Gustavo Lemes Leite Barbosa, Robert Eduardo Cooper Ordoñez, Rosley Anholon, Mauricio Andrés Sanchez
Natalia Boff Medeiros, Gabriel Vidor
Filipe Brandão Martins, Rodolfo Cardoso, Iara Tammela, Danilo Colombo, Bruno Acioli de Matos
Fabrício Batista de Oliveira, Luís Perez Zotes
Pedro Bettencourt Coutinho, Nuno Silva, Cláudia Fulgêncio, Ângela Canas, Sónia Alcobia
Ivany Rocha Yparraguirre
Andréa Cristiane Sales Moreira
Carlos Alexandre Pereira de Moraes, Leonardo Bezerra Pimentel, Iasmim Esteves Lattanzi
Eugênio de Oliveira Simonetto, Goran D. Putnik, Peter Butala, António Alberto Caetano Monteiro
Etienne Cardoso Abdala, Eder J. de Oliveira, Luciana Oranges Cezarino
Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,
Editorial Team
Brazilian Jounal of Operations & Production Management


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